World Environment Day (WED) 2020 – “bridging the gap” between Earth Day (17 April) and World Environment Day (05 June) – will celebrate the “elements of the environment” throughout a series of events over seven weeks – each week for six weeks will focus on a different theme. The 7th week will be a celebration of World Environment Day with events similar to events presented in WED 2009.

The successful WED 2020 when Omaha was the North American host city inspired the formation of the WED team under the umbrella of Green Omaha Coalition to present WED 2020 in a series of events, celebrations and activities organized by local government officials, businesses, organizations and individuals during the seven weeks that “bridge the gap” between the 40th anniversary of Earth Day to be celebrated in Omaha on April 17 and World Environment Day on June 5. The WED team and the participating partners have received the support and encouragement of United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Regional Office for North America (RONA).

World Environment Day is truly a People’s Day: it is the chance for everyone, young and old, with their community or with close friends, to show that they care for the planet. The theme for WED 2020 “Biodiversity: Connecting with Nature.”

Structure of WED Coordination team: Green Omaha Coalition GOC is the lead sponsor with WED as part of the GOC Program Committee. The WED team includes individuals and organizations interested in volunteering for this effort. Each week is headed by a coordinator (individual(s) and/or organization). The WED team will work together with these weekly coordinators. The WED team will be the coordinator for the events of the 7th week ending on World Environment Day (05 June).

Photo from the Omaha Convention & Visitor's Bureau.

Omaha Environment Day Sponsors:

16707 Q St #2S
Omaha, NE  68135
(402) 671-0453

20221 Park Road
Elkhorn, NE  68022
(402) 383-1832

Omaha Handyman Service
16707 Q St #S2
Omaha, NE  68135
(402) 671-0453

United Nations World Environment Day - 2010 Omaha
The United Nations Environment Programme
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